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Now Available!!!!
Replacement touch screen monitor for all KIP machines!!!
Brand new replacement monitor custom made for
Digital Printer Service.
Much larger size: 15 inch diagonal vs the standard
KIP touch screen monitor at 10.4 inches!
Bigger and much easier to read and use!
Direct replacement!  Easy to install!  Plug and Play!
Much less expensive than the KIP monitor.
Only $795  FREE shipping included anywhere in the US
KIP        .com
Your prescription for the toner
                                      and parts your Kip needs.


After months of research and development DPS is pleased to announce we now have a direct replacement solution available for all KIP machines that use touch screen monitors.
This new monitor is custom made for us to our specs.
Larger 15 inch screen means it’s easier to see and use.
A simple installation by anyone in 15 minutes.
Direct plug and play.
Only $795 with FREE shipping included.
Comes with everything you need.
Detailed instructions included.
A high quality product brought to you by the Kip Doctor.

Installed on a KIP 3000
Installed on a KIP 5000
click photo for
a larger image