Here you will find pictures and lists of our current boneyard machines that
are available for parts picking.
Tell us what you are looking for and we will pull it and offer it to you at a
ghostly good price.

Want the whole machine? No problem.
We can arrange cheap shipping for you.
All used parts needs contact .
Current machines in the boneyard:
KIP 3000 UNIT Complete!!!
KIP 8000 Printers complete!
KIP 6000 Printer
KIP Super Stackers
KIP 7000 Printer
KIP 2000 Printer
Current parts in the boneyard:
2 Complete KIP 8000 controllers XP
2 KIP 8000 Controller KIP IF cards

8000 LED head! ( NOW 3 in stock)
8000 cutter units (1 new/2 used)
8000 Roll spools  4 in stock
8000 Dev units  (any part you need)
Developer units from ALL models!

6- 2000 developer units
6- 6000 developer units
3- 2000/6000 cutter units
12- 6000 Transfer Sep units
6-  6000 1st Charge units
4- 8000 spindle assy.
1- 6000 spindle assy.
5- 9000 dev units
10- 8000 dev units
much much more.
Just ask.

Send us a part inquiry